Interest Meeting for Form Follows Fashion (aka Fashion Forges Friendships)

Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever bombed a job interview? Failed an exam? And then wondered how you would go on? What the next step would be? Heck, are you in one of those situations now?

I'm not so good on the life advice but let me save you the time on where to go after failure: the answer is always forward.

On January 9th, the Vogueabulary crew met with its second round of candidates for "Form Follows Fashion." If you haven't heard already (and why haven't you?!) Form Follows Fashion is a fashion theater show dedicated to pushing the art of mixed-media into the limelight. It's a wild concept to digest, but if you've ever watched Zoolander (if not, why haven't you?!) and a NYC Fashion Week segment (if not, why haven't you?!), Form Follows Fashion lies somewhere in-between, warm and hot like the custard of a delicious Pop-Tart

Awesome jokes aside, we would like to thank everyone who made it out that night on such short notice. Thanks for sharing with us your ideas and for expressing interest in the show. Building from the ground-up is a challenging endeavor, but having good people by you makes the climb that much easier. 

Support is not just a organizational necessity—it's a human one.

At the moment, we are still looking for help! Our next interest meeting will be this Sunday, January 11th at 5:30PM in New Brunswick area. If you would like to check it out, please throw us a message at or drop drop us a line on our website

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We'll be hosting workshops on media production in the future as well so please stay tuned!

Photos by Rex Arquiza. Scope out more of his work here.